Board of Directors

Linda Coumont

Linda has a love of art and music, with a passion for capturing moments through the lens of her camera and strumming melodies on her ukulele.

Linda has a solid foundation in administration and records management, and plays a pivotal role in supporting the vibrant atmosphere of Gallery Vertigo. Combining her administrative expertise with a keen eye for detail, Linda ensures the smooth operation of the gallery’s day-to-day activities, from managing schedules and coordinating volunteers to handling Board responsibilities.

Linda balances her passion for photography and music with the demands of daily life, and is always ready to offer assistance when needed.

Robert Culos

Rob Culos has been a lawyer since 1988 and has practised in the North Okanagan since 1993. Community involvement is important to Rob. He has been a member of many Boards of Directors for nonprofits, including Crime Stoppers, Caravan Farm Theatre, and the Restorative Justice Society.

Rob’s role is to ensure that Gallery Vertigo remains in compliance with all annual reporting requirements applicable to a registered nonprofit society. Admittedly, that is not overly exciting. Having said that, a passion for art and music are combined in the “art guitars” on display in Rob’s office.

Linda Jennifer Neilson

Linda Jennifer is a writer, creator, and lecturer specializing in ancient political philosophy. With a diverse portfolio that includes screenplays, short stories, novels, and academic works, Linda Jennifer brings a rich and multifaceted perspective to Gallery Vertigo. 

Brigitte Red

Brigitte is a self-taught artist who has a passion for art, with a life’s experience in legal administration that blends well with the purposeful work of gallery and community advocacy for artists being included in the economic and non-profit network. 

In her curatorial experience, Brigitte has curated over 200 exhibitions and delivered numerous community programs that have built bridges to other non-profit groups and marginalized communities through gallery exhibitions and art in business and community workshops.

Through her work at Gallery Vertigo, she has included many outstanding programs with groups such as Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors, the Caetani Centre AiR International Program, the Wayfinder Sunflower Project, Vernon and District Immigrant Services, and was part of showcasing a national exhibit entitled Pause in Plight in partnership with Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund. 

Gallery Vertigo with Brigitte’s guidance has become an exhibition hub of artist engagement and discussion that continues to build a platform of collaboration for the future.

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