Exhibition Proposals

Gallery Vertigo is operated under the auspices of the North Okanagan Artists Alternative, a non-profit society and registered charity. The gallery is artist run and represents a sampling of emerging and midstream artists who exhibit, create, and manage the operation of the gallery, share studio space and coordinate community programs. Artists have a commitment to contemporary art that is critically challenging and experimental within an interdisciplinary group of writers, musicians, and visual artists. Members have an opportunity to exhibit and sell their work and show support to other artists and their community.

Our Mandate and vision is to provide:

  • Opportunities for the research, discussion, exhibition and production of contemporary work;
  • Opportunities for affordable art education to the entire community in the form of lectures, artist talks, workshops, readings and demonstrations;
  • An organization which supports the endeavours of emerging and mid-career artists;
  • Similar or related services as determined by the membership.

Deadline for Submissions is October 31 annually.

Required Submission Criteria

Artwork may include work in any medium, solo, group, or touring shows. All work must be original to the artist[s]. Proposals are selected based on quality, artistic innovation and intent, professionalism, educational value, nature of the work, and spatial requirements.

Proposals for the 2025 exhibition year will be accepted to October 31, 2024 at 3:00 p.m.

Your submission MUST include:

Cover Letter: addressed to Gallery Vertigo; Exhibitions, PO Box 1775, Vernon, BC V1T 8C3, introducing yourself, your scope of work and relevant contact information

Curriculum Vitae: [2 pages MAX] including education, exhibition history, teaching or other experience related to your art, scholarships and awards. This should include your mailing address, phone number and email address. If self-taught, state this and include info of any related courses taken.

Artist Statement: [300 words MAX] describing the focus of your recent work and the work you are proposing to exhibit.

Exhibition Description: Please provide a comprehensive description [500 words MAX]

Exhibition Images: Provide [15] JPEG exhibition images each including: name, title, media, size, value, and year completed. Images must be clearly marked and have an accompanying detailed description labelled accordingly to match each JPEG image.

DO NOT send original works of art. JPEG files will be accepted on USB FLASH DRIVES ONLY.

Group show submissions must include sufficient images from each participating artist.

NOTE: Proposal submissions that do not fulfill the required submission criteria will be rejected.

Submissions Selection Criteria: Gallery Vertigo Board of Directors will select work for exhibition based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the written submission and artistic merit
  • Innovation and experimentation, educational and professional intent
  • Compatibility with the mandate/vision of Gallery Vertigo and the Okanagan region
  • A focus on emerging and mid-career artists engaged in traditional and contemporary art projects that range across disciplines and media

Enquiries: All enquiries should be submitted by email to galleryvertigonoaa@gmail.com with a subject listed as “XXX 2025 Exhibition Proposal” with “XXX” being the name of the artist​

  • Submissions: Are reviewed November 15 for exhibitions taking place in the next calendar year. Only those artists whose proposals are successful for exhibition will be contacted by December 15. We sincerely thank all others who submitted proposals and encourage you to please submit proposals in the future.
  • Proposals may be presented in person at Gallery Vertigo, or alternatively mailed – Attention: Gallery Coordinator. Proposals are NOT accepted by e-mail. Proposals are NOT acknowledged upon receipt.
  • Self-Addressed/postage-paid return envelope: If you would like your submission package returned to you, please provide a self-addressed/postage-paid return envelope; otherwise, your submission package will be destroyed by Gallery Vertigo.

The Exhibition

Exhibition Cost: The Artist[s] is responsible for all costs for the exhibition unless otherwise approved in writing by Gallery Vertigo. Artist[s] who require assistance with production expenses should include a detailed breakdown of materials and cost. Currently Gallery Vertigo is not eligible for CAR/FAC fees, although in special circumstances, we may be able to help financially.​

Artist’s Opening Reception: Artist[s] must be in attendance and provide informative and interesting opening remarks and be available for any inquiries during the reception.

Sale of Work: Gallery Vertigo is a non-profit charitable organization. Any artwork sold during an exhibition will facilitate a 30% commission collected by the gallery.

Gallery Floor Plan

Gallery Vertigo is situated in the heart of downtown Vernon. The gallery’s new central location contributes to the vitality of the city and art as a central focus for the community and the downtown. The gallery space is bright, inviting and welcoming.​

Gallery Vertigo can accommodate work of any medium/size and is comprised of [4]  exhibition spaces; a main gallery, a featured member wall and east and west gallery window spaces. Each exhibition space has lighting and electrical outlets. The walls are bone white. The ceilings are 9’4”. Windows encompass the east and south facing gallery walls. The floors are a light brown laminate flooring and vinyl plank in the main gallery space, and a light gray carpeting in the south facing windows. A small reception area and kitchen make up the remainder of the gallery, with artist studio spaces located along a western corridor [available to rent].

A floor plan of the exhibition area may be requested.

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