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The Journey Inward

Through his work, Asana aims to discuss some of the fundamental aspects of being, the journey inward, and the patterns of nature. He is deeply influenced by Yogic and Buddhist philosophy and meditation practices, as well as Western Esotericism, his Celtic heritage, and an amateur interest in vortex mathematics.

Asana’s current art practice includes a range of two-dimensional mixed media, painting, drawing, printmaking, installation and sculpture, recently showing work and creating public artwork around the Okanagan. Whichever medium or shape his work might take, Asana maintains a consistent interest in upholding a spiritually, sociologically and ecologically informed and inspired art practice.

When creating a composition, he frequently works from meditative experiences. Asana begins with an intention or vibration he aims to align with that is evolutionary and benevolent, allowing it to take shape and grow from his inner vision. Asana goes on to state, “Once the image is established and resonant with the intention, I will often involve the Fibonacci sequence, golden mean ratio or other sacred geometric or numerological references to represent the form harmonically in the physical realm. This process I have begun to refer to as Psycho-Scopic, a compound term I have developed consisting of ‘Psycho’ – Soul or Mind and ‘Scopic’ – to look into; together, meaning to look into the Soul or Mind.”

His artwork often involves wood as a material, either as a panel to paint upon or a foundational material for sculpting. The interaction with the natural grain and optical movement that the wood provides is a constant inspiration to how he works;  it is a collaboration and dance with nature that often produces subtle new forms and shapes that are unexpected yet embraced as he creates. In his drawings and paintings, he often leans toward using vibrant and expressive, full-spectrum colour palettes. 

Constantly driven to make artwork that discusses peace, harmony, and balance while exploring the journey of self-discovery and the human experience, Asana seeks to work with concepts that can be found throughout nature and are universal in their application, offering a perspective of interconnectedness and reflections on the inward journey.

The exhibit runs from May 7 – June 1, 2024. If you are unable to visit the gallery, you may view some of Asana’s work here.

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