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Mandi Irmen

I’m Mandi Irmen.  I paint natural wonders to bring light and beauty into people’s lives and spaces.  Hope is a powerful thing and you can find it with imagination.

I love how precious nature is and how it can remind us of what is important.  My paintings ae here to connect you back to the joy and wonder of nature.

For 20 years I left art behind and thought I was doing the right thing. That left me feeling like the passion and meaning for what I was doing was missing. Then, 8 years ago, I picked up the paintbrush again and I couldn’t stop.  It calls to me and I love it. I am a full time artist now and  and setting a new standard for what is possible for working artists.  I continue to create and to be curious of what my next painting will become.​

I create original paintings, large and small of landscapes, flowers, animals and nature. From these I create a variety of print items such as cards, canvas and paper prints, and art designed fashion. I teach classes locally. 

Painting is a journey into the realm of possibility. Come away with me to a world where imagination becomes real. A painting is the beginning of a story.

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